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Industrial Sewing Machines

We established American Sewing Machine in 1971.
We specialize in industrial sewing machines for:

Calling all Dry Cleaners, Bridal Shops, Tailor Shops, Menswear Shops, Upholstery Shops, Alteration Rooms, and Seamstresses: We specialize in all types of blindstitch machines like U.S. Blindstitch, Columbia Blindstitch, American Blindstitch, Rex Blindstitch, Consew Blindstitch. Straight Stitch machines like Juki, Singer, Consew, Brother, Rex. We also specialize in all types of over locking machines as well. We have a full line of parts, hard to get parts for all types of blindstitch machines.We carry all types of needles, motors, irons and more. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be of service to you.

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At we pride ourselves on the knowledge of industrial sewing machine products and the personalized service we provide to our customers. Our expertise in industrial sewing machine equipment can help you pick out the machine or part that is right for you. We deal with the top names in the industrial sewing machine industry and we have many new and used sewing machines to choose from, so if you do not see something on this website please contact us for a pricing quote.



Tips on Buying an Industrial Sewing Machine

What is an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial sewing machines are used by the garment industry and consumers who are looking for a faster and more professional job than is provided by household sewing machines. The industrial sewing machine has two distinct parts: the sewing machine itself, and the power stand. The power stand is where the motor is located, giving the machine its great power.

Some other terms are used to imply that a household sewing machine has the power of an industrial sewing machine. In these cases, the customer should verify the actual motor power and stitching speed.

  • Semi Industrial - This term is used by household sewing machine manufacturers to give a false impression that their machines have a similar speed and power to an industrial machine. Be warry of this fasad.
  • Heavy Duty - This term is used to give an impression that a certain machine can sew through very thick material like canvas that other household machines can not handle. The key factor in the ability to sew through multiple layers or tough fabrics is the motor strength itself and its gear ratio.
  • Industrial Strength - The term is used to give the impression that a household machine can do the same job as an industrial sewing machine.

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